Commit 6fe25b62 authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke
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experimental version of apply_holo()

parent a2c3da44
......@@ -852,6 +852,62 @@ template<typename T> pyarr_c<complex<T>> grid2ms(const Baselines<T> &baselines,
const pyarr_c<T> &grid_, py::object &ms_in)
{ return grid2ms_c(baselines, gconf, idx_, hartley2complex(grid_), ms_in); }
template<typename T> pyarr_c<complex<T>> apply_holo(
const Baselines<T> &baselines, const GridderConfig<T> &gconf,
const pyarr_c<uint32_t> &idx_, const pyarr_c<complex<T>> &grid_)
size_t nu=gconf.Nu(), nv=gconf.Nv();
checkArray(idx_, "idx", {0});
auto grid =;
checkArray(grid_, "grid", {nu, nv});
size_t nvis = size_t(idx_.shape(0));
auto idx =;
auto res = makeArray<complex<T>>({nu, nv});
auto ogrid = res.mutable_data();
py::gil_scoped_release release;
T beta = gconf.Beta();
size_t w = gconf.W();
// Loop over sampling points
#pragma omp parallel
Helper<T> hlp(gconf, grid, ogrid);
T emb = exp(-2*beta);
int jump = hlp.lineJump();
const T * RESTRICT ku =;
const T * RESTRICT kv =;
#pragma omp for schedule(guided,100)
for (size_t ipart=0; ipart<nvis; ++ipart)
UVW<T> coord = baselines.effectiveCoord(idx[ipart]);
hlp.prep(coord.u, coord.v);
complex<T> r = 0;
const auto * RESTRICT ptr = hlp.p0r;
for (size_t cu=0; cu<w; ++cu)
complex<T> tmp(0);
for (size_t cv=0; cv<w; ++cv)
tmp += ptr[cv] * kv[cv];
r += tmp*ku[cu];
ptr += jump;
auto * RESTRICT wptr = hlp.p0w;
for (size_t cu=0; cu<w; ++cu)
complex<T> tmp(r*ku[cu]);
for (size_t cv=0; cv<w; ++cv)
wptr[cv] += tmp*kv[cv];
return res;
template<typename T> pyarr_c<uint32_t> getIndices(const Baselines<T> &baselines,
const GridderConfig<T> &gconf, const pyarr_c<bool> &flags_, int chbegin,
int chend, T wmin, T wmax)
......@@ -1138,4 +1194,6 @@ PYBIND11_MODULE(nifty_gridder, m)
m.def("grid2ms_c",&grid2ms_c<double>, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a, "idx"_a,
"grid"_a, "ms_in"_a=py::none());
m.def("apply_holo",&apply_holo<double>, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a, "idx"_a,
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