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import nifty_gridder as ng
import numpy as np
def _l2error(a, b):
return np.sqrt(np.sum(np.abs(a-b)**2)/np.sum(np.abs(a)**2))
def explicit_gridder(uvw,freq,ms,nxdirty,nydirty,xpixsize,ypixsize):
speedoflight = 299792458.
x, y = np.meshgrid(*[-ss/2 + np.arange(ss) for ss in [nxdirty, nydirty]],
x *= xpixsize
y *= ypixsize
res = np.zeros((nxdirty, nydirty))+0j
eps = x**2+y**2
nm1 = -eps/(np.sqrt(1.-eps)+1.);
n = nm1+1
for row in range(ms.shape[0]):
for chan in range(ms.shape[1]):
phase = freq[chan]/speedoflight*(x*uvw[row, 0] + y*uvw[row, 1] + uvw[row, 2]*nm1)
res += (ms[row,chan]*np.exp(2j*np.pi*phase))
return res/n
def test_against_wdft(nrow, nchan, nxdirty, nydirty, fov, epsilon, nthreads, test_against_explicit):
print("\n\nTesting gridding/degridding with {} rows and {} frequency channels".format(nrow, nchan))
print("Dirty image has {}x{} pixels, FOV={} degrees".format(nxdirty,nydirty,fov))
print("Requested accuracy: {}".format(epsilon))
print("Number of threads: {}".format(nthreads))
single = epsilon>5e-6
speedoflight = 299792458.
xpixsize = fov*np.pi/180/nxdirty
ypixsize = fov*np.pi/180/nydirty
f0 = 1e9
freq = f0 + np.arange(nchan)*(f0/nchan)
uvw = (np.random.rand(nrow, 3)-0.5)/(xpixsize*f0/speedoflight)
ms = np.random.rand(nrow, nchan)-0.5 + 1j*(np.random.rand(nrow, nchan)-0.5)
tdirty = np.random.rand(nxdirty, nydirty)-0.5 + 1j*(np.random.rand(nxdirty, nydirty)-0.5)
single = epsilon>5e-6
if single:
print("\nCalling single-precision functions")
uvw = uvw.astype("f4")
freq = freq.astype("f4")
ms = ms.astype("c8")
tdirty = tdirty.astype("c8")
gridder, degridder = ng.full_gridding_f, ng.full_degridding_f
print("\nCalling double-precision functions")
gridder, degridder = ng.full_gridding, ng.full_degridding
if test_against_explicit:
print("\nTesting against explicit transform (potentially VERY slow!)...")
truth = explicit_gridder(uvw,freq,ms,nxdirty,nydirty,xpixsize,ypixsize)
res = gridder(uvw,freq,ms,None,nxdirty,nydirty,xpixsize,ypixsize,epsilon,nthreads)
print("L2 error between explicit transform and gridder:",_l2error(truth,res))
# test adjointness
print("\nTesting adjointness of the gridding/degridding operation")
adj1 = np.vdot(gridder(uvw,freq,ms,None,nxdirty,nydirty,xpixsize,ypixsize,epsilon,nthreads),tdirty)
adj2 = np.vdot(ms,degridder(uvw,freq,tdirty,None,xpixsize,ypixsize,epsilon,nthreads))
print("adjointness test:", np.abs(adj1-adj2)/np.maximum(np.abs(adj1),np.abs(adj2)))
test_against_wdft(100, 20, 64, 130, 0.5, 1e-12, 3, True)
from time import time
test_against_wdft(1000,300, 1024, 1024, 2., 1e-12, 4, False)
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