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......@@ -364,11 +364,10 @@ def test_holo_from_correlations(nxdirty, nydirty, nchan, nrow, epsilon):
# Precompute 2*W**2-2*W+1 images (naive: 4*W**2-4*W+1)
d0, d1 = [], []
for du, dv in product(range(-W + 1, W), range(1, W)):
d0.append(ng.get_correlations(bl, conf, idx, du=du, dv=dv))
d0.append(ng.get_correlations(bl, conf, idx, du, dv))
for du in range(1, W):
d1.append(ng.get_correlations(bl, conf, idx, du=du, dv=0))
d2 = ng.get_correlations(bl, conf, idx, du=0, dv=0)
d1.append(ng.get_correlations(bl, conf, idx, du, 0))
d2 = ng.get_correlations(bl, conf, idx, 0, 0)
# Apply
for ii, (du, dv) in enumerate(product(range(-W + 1, W), range(1, W))):
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