Commit d1301f82 authored by Julian Ruestig's avatar Julian Ruestig 📡
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Merge branch 'mfcorrelatedfield_withzeromodeprior' of...

Merge branch 'mfcorrelatedfield_withzeromodeprior' of into mfcorrelatedfield_withzeromodeprior
parents afc6d1d0 79027c37
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......@@ -216,7 +216,8 @@ def SLAmplitude(*, target, n_pix, a, k0, sm, sv, im, iv, za=None, zq=None,
return et @ loglog_ampl.exp()
zero_mode = ValueInserter(, (0,)*len(
zero_mode = ( zero_mode @
zero_mode = (
zero_mode @
InverseGammaOperator(zero_mode.domain, za, zq).ducktape(keys[2]))
mask = np.ones(
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