Commit fae648b9 authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke
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parent ba4daa84
......@@ -42,12 +42,9 @@ class LaplaceOperator(EndomorphicOperator):
def __init__(self, domain, default_spaces=None, logarithmic=True):
super(LaplaceOperator, self).__init__(default_spaces)
self._domain = DomainTuple.make(domain)
if len(self.domain) != 1:
if len(self.domain) != 1 or not isinstance(self.domain[0], PowerSpace):
raise ValueError("The domain must contain exactly one PowerSpace.")
if not isinstance(self.domain[0], PowerSpace):
raise TypeError("The domain must contain exactly one PowerSpace.")
self._logarithmic = bool(logarithmic)
pos = self.domain[0].k_lengths.copy()
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