Commit fa998553 authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke

revert change

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...@@ -193,12 +193,8 @@ class PoissonianEnergy(EnergyOperator): ...@@ -193,12 +193,8 @@ class PoissonianEnergy(EnergyOperator):
self._check_input(x) self._check_input(x)
res = x.sum() - x.log().vdot(self._d) res = x.sum() - x.log().vdot(self._d)
if not isinstance(x, Linearization): if not isinstance(x, Linearization):
if res.val != res.val:
return Field.scalar(np.inf)
return Field.scalar(res) return Field.scalar(res)
if not x.want_metric: if not x.want_metric:
if res.val.val != res.val.val:
res =, res.jac)
return res return res
metric = SandwichOperator.make(x.jac, makeOp(1./x.val)) metric = SandwichOperator.make(x.jac, makeOp(1./x.val))
return res.add_metric(metric) return res.add_metric(metric)
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