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......@@ -45,13 +45,13 @@ def _single_power_analyze(field, idx, binbounds):
def power_analyze(field, spaces=None, binbounds=None,
""" Computes the square root power spectrum for a subspace of `field`.
""" Computes the power spectrum for a subspace of `field`.
Creates a PowerSpace for the space addressed by `spaces` with the given
binning and computes the power spectrum as a Field over this
PowerSpace. This can only be done if the subspace to be analyzed is a
harmonic space. The resulting field has the same units as the initial
field, corresponding to the square root of the power spectrum.
harmonic space. The resulting field has the same units as the square of the
initial field.
......@@ -106,9 +106,7 @@ def power_analyze(field, spaces=None, binbounds=None,
parts = [field.real*field.real + field.imag*field.imag]
for space_index in spaces:
parts = [_single_power_analyze(field=part,
parts = [_single_power_analyze(part, space_index, binbounds)
for part in parts]
return parts[0] + 1j*parts[1] if keep_phase_information else parts[0]
......@@ -152,9 +150,8 @@ def create_power_operator(domain, power_spectrum, space=None):
domain = DomainTuple.make(domain)
space = utilities.infer_space(domain, space)
return DiagonalOperator(
_create_power_field(domain[space], power_spectrum),
domain=domain, spaces=space)
field = _create_power_field(domain[space], power_spectrum)
return DiagonalOperator(field, domain, space)
def create_harmonic_smoothing_operator(domain, space, sigma):
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