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Input of SlopeOperator commentary

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......@@ -29,6 +29,23 @@ from .linear_operator import LinearOperator
class SlopeOperator(LinearOperator):
Creates a slope on target.
This operator creates a field on a LogRGSpace, which is created
according to a slope of given entries, (mean, y-intercept).
The slope mean is the powerlaw of the field in normal-space.
domain : domain or DomainTuple, shape=(2,)
It has to be and UnstructuredDomain.
The domain of the slope mean and the y-intercept mean.
target : domain or DomainTuple
The output domain has to a LogRGSpace
sigmas : np.array, shape=(2,)
The slope variance and the y-intercept variance.
def __init__(self, domain, target, sigmas):
if not isinstance(target, LogRGSpace):
raise TypeError
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