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experimental union method for MultiFields

parent 4cb24a5d
......@@ -222,6 +222,35 @@ class MultiField(object):
res[key] = res[key]+val if key in res else val
return MultiField.from_dict(res)
def union(fields, domain=None):
"""Returns the union of its input fields
fields: iterable of MultiFields
The set of input fields. Their domains need not be identical,
but they must not be incompatible, e.g. by having different
DomainTuples for the same key.
domain: MultiDomain or None
If supplied, this mjst be the domain of the resulting field.
Providing this domain will accelerate the function.
The union of the input fields
If the same key occurs more than once in the input fields, the value
associated with the last occurrence will be put into the output.
No summation is performed!
res = {}
for field in fields:
return MultiField.from_dict(res, domain)
def flexible_addsub(self, other, neg):
if self._domain is other._domain:
return self-other if neg else self+other
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