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WIP: initial smooth operator

parent 93b50d6e
import numpy as np
from nifty.config import about
import nifty.nifty_utilities as utilities
from nifty import RGSpace, LMSpace
from nifty.operators.endomorphic_operator import EndomorphicOperator
from nifty.operators.fft_operator import FFTOperator
class SmoothOperator(EndomorphicOperator):
# ---Overwritten properties and methods---
def __init__(self, domain=(), field_type=(), inplace=False,
sigma = None, implemented=False):
super(SmoothOperator, self).__init__(domain=domain,
if self.field_type != ():
raise ValueError(about._errors.cstring(
'ERROR: TransformationOperator field-type must be an '
'empty tuple.'
self._sigma = sigma
self._inplace = inplace
self._implemented = bool(implemented)
def _times(self, x, spaces, types):
if sigma == 0:
return x if self.inplace else x.copy()
spaces = utilities.cast_axis_to_tuple(spaces, len(x.domain))
if spaces is None:
return x if self.inplace else x.copy()
for space in spaces:
axes = x.domain_axes[space]
for space_axis, val_axis in zip(
range(len(x.domain[space].shape)), axes):
transform = FFTOperator(x.domain[space])
kernel = x.domain[space].get_codomain_mask(
self.sigma, space_axis)
if isinstance(x.domain[space], RGSpace):
new_shape = np.ones(len(x.shape),
new_shape[val_axis] = len(kernel)
kernel = kernel.reshape(new_shape)
# transform
transformed_inp = transform(x)
transformed_inp *= kernel
elif isinstance(x.domain[space], LMSpace):
raise ValueError(about._errors.cstring(
'ERROR: SmoothOperator cannot smooth space ' +
# ---Added properties and methods---
def sigma(self):
return self._sigma
def inplace(self):
return self._inplace
......@@ -269,3 +269,11 @@ class RGSpace(Space):
temp = np.empty(len(self.shape), dtype=bool)
temp[:] = zerocenter
return tuple(temp)
def get_codomain_mask(self, sigma, axis):
if sigma is None:
sigma = np.sqrt(2) * np.max(self.distances)
mask = np.fft.fftfreq(self.shape[axis], d=self.distances[axis])
return mask if self.zerocenter[axis] else np.fft.fftshift(mask)
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