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......@@ -77,6 +77,26 @@ class JaxOperator(Operator):
class JaxLikelihoodEnergyOperator(LikelihoodEnergyOperator):
"""Wrap a jax function as nifty likelihood energy operator.
domain : DomainTuple or MultiDomain
Domain of the operator.
func : callable
The jax function that is evaluated by the operator. It has to be
implemented in terms of `jax.numpy` calls. If `domain` is a
`DomainTuple`, `func` takes a `dict` as argument and like-wise for the
target. It needs to map to a scalar.
transformation : Operator, optional
Coordinate transformation to Euclidean space.
sampling_dtype : dtype, optional
The dtype that shall be used for drawing samples from the metric of the
def __init__(self, domain, func, transformation=None, sampling_dtype=None):
from ..sugar import makeDomain
self._domain = makeDomain(domain)
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