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......@@ -72,3 +72,13 @@ Significant differences between NIFTy nightly and nifty2go
12) Instead of inheriting from "InvertibleOperatorMixin", support for numerical
inversion is now added via the "InversionEnabler" class, which takes the
original operator as a constructor argument.
13) External dependencies are only loaded when they are really needed: e.g.
pyHealpix is only imported within the spherical harmonic transform functions,
and pyfftw is only loaded within the RG transforms.
So there are no mandatory dependencies besides numpy (well, pyfftw is
more or less always needed).
14) A new approach is used for FFTs along axes that are distributed among
MPI tasks. As a consequence, nifty2go works well with the standard version
of pyfftw and does not need the MPI-enabled fork.
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