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remove unused (and potentially problematic) operations

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......@@ -22,9 +22,7 @@ from .field import Field
from . import dobj
__all__ = ['cos', 'sin', 'cosh', 'sinh', 'tan', 'tanh', 'arccos', 'arcsin',
'arccosh', 'arcsinh', 'arctan', 'arctanh', 'sqrt', 'exp', 'log',
'conj', 'conjugate']
__all__ = ['sqrt', 'exp', 'log', 'conjugate']
def _math_helper(x, function, out):
......@@ -39,54 +37,6 @@ def _math_helper(x, function, out):
return Field(domain=x.domain, val=function(x.val))
def cos(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.cos, out)
def sin(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.sin, out)
def cosh(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.cosh, out)
def sinh(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.sinh, out)
def tan(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.tan, out)
def tanh(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.tanh, out)
def arccos(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.arccos, out)
def arcsin(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.arcsin, out)
def arccosh(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.arccosh, out)
def arcsinh(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.arcsinh, out)
def arctan(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.arctan, out)
def arctanh(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.arctanh, out)
def sqrt(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.sqrt, out)
......@@ -101,7 +51,3 @@ def log(x, out=None):
def conjugate(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.conjugate, out)
def conj(x, out=None):
return _math_helper(x, dobj.conj, out)
......@@ -521,30 +521,6 @@ class Field(object):
def __ipow__(self, other):
return self._binary_helper(other, op='__ipow__')
def __lt__(self, other):
return self._binary_helper(other, op='__lt__')
def __le__(self, other):
return self._binary_helper(other, op='__le__')
def __ne__(self, other):
if other is None:
return True
return self._binary_helper(other, op='__ne__')
def __eq__(self, other):
if other is None:
return False
return self._binary_helper(other, op='__eq__')
def __ge__(self, other):
return self._binary_helper(other, op='__ge__')
def __gt__(self, other):
return self._binary_helper(other, op='__gt__')
def __repr__(self):
return "<nifty2go.Field>"
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