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getting started 3: add ground truth plot

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......@@ -97,6 +97,12 @@ def main():
mock_position = ift.from_random(signal_response.domain, 'normal')
data = signal_response(mock_position) + N.draw_sample()
plot = ift.Plot()
plot.add(signal(mock_position), title='Ground Truth', zmin=0, zmax=1)
plot.add(R.adjoint_times(data), title='Data')
plot.add([pspec.force(mock_position)], title='Power Spectrum')
plot.output(ny=1, nx=3, xsize=24, ysize=6, name=filename.format("setup"))
# Minimization parameters
ic_sampling = ift.AbsDeltaEnergyController(name="Sampling (linear)",
deltaE=0.05, iteration_limit=100)
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