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Merge branch 'DOFDistributor_documentation' into 'NIFTy_5'

documentation for DOF stuff added

See merge request ift/nifty-dev!26
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......@@ -21,7 +21,17 @@ from .structured_domain import StructuredDomain
class DOFSpace(StructuredDomain):
"""Generic degree-of-freedom space."""
"""Generic degree-of-freedom space. It is defined as the domain of some
Its entries represent the underlying degrees of freedom of some other
space, according to the dofdex.
dof_weights: 1-D numpy array
A numpy array containing the multiplicity of each individual degree of
_needed_for_hash = ["_dvol"]
......@@ -26,8 +26,28 @@ from import DOFSpace
class DOFDistributor(LinearOperator):
"""Operator transforming between a DOFSpace and any other domain by means
of distribution/projection."""
"""Operator which distributes actual degrees of freedom (dof) according to
some distribution scheme into a higher dimensional space. This distribution
scheme is defined by the dofdex, a degree of freedom index, which
associates the entries within the operators domain to locations in its
target. This operator's domain is a DOFSpace, which is defined according to
the distribution scheme.
dofdex: Field of integers
An integer Field on exactly one Space establishing the association
between the locations in the operators target and the underlying
degrees of freedom in its domain.
It has to start at 0 and it increases monotonicly, no empty bins are
target: Domain, tuple of Domain, or DomainTuple, optional
The target of the operator. If not specified, the domain of the dofdex
is used.
space: int, optional:
The index of the sub-domain on which the operator acts.
Can be omitted if `target` only has one sub-domain.
def __init__(self, dofdex, target=None, space=None):
super(DOFDistributor, self).__init__()
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