Commit d89a5670 authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke
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parent 4c4e01f3
......@@ -36,50 +36,66 @@ def _math_helper(x, function):
def cos(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.cos)
def sin(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.sin)
def cosh(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.cosh)
def sinh(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.sinh)
def tan(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.tan)
def tanh(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.tanh)
def arccos(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.arccos)
def arcsin(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.arcsin)
def arccosh(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.arccosh)
def arcsinh(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.arcsinh)
def arctan(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.arctan)
def arctanh(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.arctanh)
def sqrt(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.sqrt)
def exp(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.exp)
def log(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.log)
def conjugate(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.conjugate)
def conj(x):
return _math_helper(x, np.conjugate)
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