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......@@ -111,6 +111,23 @@ class _SwitchSpacesOperator(ift.LinearOperator):
return ift.Field(self._tgt(mode), np.moveaxis(x.val, *args))
def test_linear_einsum_transpose(space1, space2, dtype, n_invocations=10):
dom = ift.DomainTuple.make((space1, space2))
mf = ift.MultiField.from_dict({})
ss = "ij->ji"
le = ift.LinearEinsum(dom, mf, ss)
assert_(consistency_check(le, domain_dtype=dtype, target_dtype=dtype) is None)
# SwitchSpacesOperator is equivalent to LinearEinsum with "ij->ji"
le_ift = _SwitchSpacesOperator(dom, 1)
for _ in range(n_invocations):
r = ift.from_random(le.domain, "normal", dtype=dtype)
assert_allclose(le(r).val, le_ift(r).val)
r_adj = ift.from_random(, "normal", dtype=dtype)
assert_allclose(le.adjoint(r_adj).val, le_ift.adjoint(r_adj).val)
def test_multi_linear_einsum_outer(space1, space2, dtype):
ntries = 10
n_invocations = 5
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