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......@@ -20,14 +20,21 @@ from .energy import Energy
class LineEnergy(Energy):
"""A Energy object restricting an underlying Energy along some descent direction.
Given some Energy and descent direction, its position is parametrized by a scalar
"""A Energy object restricting an underlying Energy along only some line direction.
Given some Energy and line direction, its position is parametrized by a scalar
step size along the descent direction.
position : float
The step length parameter along the given line direction.
energy : Energy
The Energy object which will be restricted along the given line direction
line_direction : Field, float
Line direction restricting the Energy.
zero_point : Field, float
Fixing the zero point of the line restriction. Used to memorize this position in new
initializations (default : None)
......@@ -40,11 +47,23 @@ class LineEnergy(Energy):
curvature : callable
A positive semi-definite operator or function describing the curvature of the potential
at given position.
line_direction : field
line_direction : Field
Direction along which the movement is restricted. Does not have to be normalized.
energy : Energy
The underlying Energy at the resulting position along the line according to the step length.
Raised if
* value, gradient or curvature of the attribute energy is not implemented.
The LineEnergy is used in minimization schemes in order to determine the step size along
some descent direction using a line search. It describes an underlying Energy which is restricted
along one direction, only requiring the step size parameter to determine a new position.
def __init__(self, position, energy, line_direction, zero_point=None):
......@@ -59,6 +78,19 @@ class LineEnergy(Energy): =
def at(self, position):
""" Initializes and returns new LineEnergy object at new position, memorizing the zero point.
position : float
Parameter for the new position.
out : LineEnergy
LineEnergy object at new position with same zero point.
return self.__class__(position,,
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