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updated figure in discretization documentation showing the convergence of the...

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......@@ -138,17 +138,11 @@ NIFTy is implemented such that in order to change resolution, only the line of c
It automatically takes care of depended structures like volume factors, discretised operators and responses.
A visualisation of this can be seen in figure 2 and 3, which displays the MAP inference of a signal at various resolutions.
.. figure:: images/42vs6.png
:scale: 40%
.. figure:: images/converging_discretization.png
:scale: 80%
:align: center
Figure 2: MAP inference for different resolutions of the function space.
.. figure:: images/42vs9.png
:scale: 40%
:align: center
Figure 3: MAP inference converging at high resolution.
Figure 3: Inference result converging at high resolution.
Implementation in NIFTy
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