Commit cae16bd4 authored by Jait Dixit's avatar Jait Dixit
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Merge branch 'move_transforms_to_transformator' of...

Merge branch 'move_transforms_to_transformator' of into move_transforms_to_transformator
parents 83ae9e94 b86db7fe
import numpy as np
from nifty.rg import RGSpace
from nifty.lm import GLSpace, HPSpace, LMSpace
......@@ -28,11 +26,9 @@ class TransformationFactory(object):
return HPLMTransformation(domain, codomain, module)
elif isinstance(domain, LMSpace):
if isinstance(codomain, GLSpace):
return LMGLTransformation(domain, codomain,
return LMGLTransformation(domain, codomain, module)
elif isinstance(codomain, HPSpace):
return LMHPTransformation(domain, codomain,
return LMHPTransformation(domain, codomain, module)
raise ValueError('ERROR: incompatible codomain')
......@@ -45,4 +41,4 @@ class TransformationFactory(object):
if key not in self.cache:
self.cache[key] = self._get_transform(domain, codomain, module)
return self.cache[key]
\ No newline at end of file
return self.cache[key]
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