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Make Sampling enabler more general

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......@@ -42,16 +42,20 @@ class SamplingEnabler(EndomorphicOperator):
operator, which supports the operation modes that the operator doesn't
have. It is used as a preconditioner during the iterative inversion,
to accelerate convergence.
start_from_zero : boolean
If true, the conjugate gradient algorithm starts from a field filled
with zeros. Otherwise, it starts from a prior samples. Default is
def __init__(self, likelihood, prior, iteration_controller,
self._op = likelihood + prior
# FIXME Separation in likelihood and prior not necessary
approximation=None, start_from_zero=False):
self._likelihood = likelihood
self._prior = prior
self._ic = iteration_controller
self._approximation = approximation
self._start_from_zero = bool(start_from_zero)
self._op = likelihood + prior
self._domain = self._op.domain
self._capability = self._op.capability
......@@ -61,8 +65,15 @@ class SamplingEnabler(EndomorphicOperator):
except NotImplementedError:
if not from_inverse:
raise ValueError("from_inverse must be True here")
if self._start_from_zero:
b = self._op.draw_sample()
energy = QuadraticEnergy(0*b, self._op, b)
s = self._prior.draw_sample(from_inverse=True)
sp = self._prior(s)
nj = self._likelihood.draw_sample()
energy = QuadraticEnergy(s, self._op, sp + nj,
_grad=self._likelihood(s) - nj)
inverter = ConjugateGradient(self._ic)
if self._approximation is not None:
energy, convergence = inverter(
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