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more tests

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......@@ -7,10 +7,12 @@ from .fft_operator import FFTOperator
from .fft_smoothing_operator import FFTSmoothingOperator
from .geometry_remover import GeometryRemover
from .laplace_operator import LaplaceOperator
from .smoothness_operator import SmoothnessOperator
from .power_distributor import PowerDistributor
from .inversion_enabler import InversionEnabler
__all__ = ["LinearOperator", "EndomorphicOperator", "ScalingOperator",
"DiagonalOperator", "HarmonicTransformOperator", "FFTOperator",
"FFTSmoothingOperator", "GeometryRemover",
"LaplaceOperator", "PowerDistributor", "InversionEnabler"]
"LaplaceOperator", "SmoothnessOperator", "PowerDistributor",
......@@ -70,3 +70,8 @@ class Consistency_Tests(unittest.TestCase):
def testLaplace(self, sp, dtype):
op = ift.LaplaceOperator(sp)
ift.extra.consistency_check(op, dtype, dtype)
@expand(product(_pow_spaces, [np.float64, np.complex128]))
def testSmoothness(self, sp, dtype):
op = ift.SmoothnessOperator(sp)
ift.extra.consistency_check(op, dtype, dtype)
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