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......@@ -354,6 +354,30 @@ class _Amplitude(Operator):
class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
"""Constrution helper for hirarchical correlated field models.
The correlated field models are parametrized by creating
powerspectrum operators acting on their target subdomains
via calls to :func:`add_fluctuations`.
During creation of the :class:`CorrelatedFieldMaker` via
:func:`make`, a global offset from zero can be added to the
field to be created and an operator applying gaussian fluctuations
around this offset needs to be parametrized.
The resulting correlated field model operator has a
:class:`~nifty6.multi_domain.MultiDomain` as its domain and
expects its input values to be univariately gaussian.
The target of the constructed operator will be a
containing the `position_spaces` of the added fluctuations in the
order of the `add_fluctuations` calls.
Creation of the model operator is finished by calling the method
:func:`finalize`, which returns the configured operator.
See the methods :func:`make`, :func:`add_fluctuations`
and :func:`finalize` for usage instructions."""
def __init__(self, offset_mean, offset_fluctuations_op, prefix, total_N):
if not isinstance(offset_fluctuations_op, Operator):
raise TypeError("offset_fluctuations_op needs to be an operator")
......@@ -376,15 +400,19 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
offset_mean : float
Mean offset from zero of the correlated field to be made.
offset_std_mean : float
Mean standard deviation of the offset value.
Mean standard deviation of the offset.
offset_std_std : float
Standard deviation of the stddev of the offset value.
Standard deviation of the stddev of the offset.
prefix : string
Prefix to the names of the domains of the cf operator to be made.
This determines the names of the operator domain.
total_N : integer
Number of copies with of the field to return.
If not 0, the first entry of the operators target will be an
with length `total_N`.
dofdex : np.array
if dofdex is None:
dofdex = np.full(total_N, 0)
......@@ -413,6 +441,48 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
"""Function to add correlation structures to the field to be made.
Correlations are described by their power spectrum and the subdomain
on which they apply.
The parameters `fluctuations`, `flexibility`, `asperity` and
`loglogavgslope` configure the power spectrum model used on the
target field subdomain `position_space`.
It is assembled as the sum of a power law component
(linear slope in log-log power-frequency-space),
a smooth varying component (integrated wiener process) and
a ragged componenent (unintegrated wiener process).
Multiple calls to `add_fluctuations` are possible, in which case
the constructed field will have the outer product of the individual
power spectra as its global power spectrum.
position_space : :class:`~nifty6.domain.Domain`, \
Target subdomain on which the correlation structure defined
in this call should hold.
fluctuations_{mean,stddev} : float
Total spectral energy -> Amplitude of the fluctuations
flexibility_{mean,stddev} : float
Smooth variation speed of the power spectrum
asperity_{mean,stddev} : float
Strength of unsmoothed power spectrum variations
Used to accomodate single frequency peaks
loglogavgslope_{mean,stddev} : float
Power law component exponent
prefix : string
prefix of the power spectrum parameter domain names
index :
dofdex :
harmonic_partner : :class:`~nifty6.domain.Domain`, \
In which harmonic space to define the power spectrum
if harmonic_partner is None:
harmonic_partner = position_space.get_default_codomain()
......@@ -489,8 +559,14 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
return ht(azm*corr*ducktape(hspace, None, self._prefix + 'xi'))
def finalize(self, prior_info=100):
offset vs zeromode: volume factor
"""Finishes model construction process and returns the constructed
prior_info : integer
How many prior samples to draw for property verification statistics
If zero, skips calculating and displaying statistics.
op = self._finalize_from_op()
if self._offset_mean is not None:
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