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......@@ -99,18 +99,17 @@ class ScalingOperator(EndomorphicOperator):
std=self._get_fct(from_inverse), dtype=dtype)
def __call__(self, other):
res = EndomorphicOperator.__call__(self, other)
if np.isreal(self._factor) and self._factor >= 0:
from ..linearization import Linearization
if isinstance(other, Linearization):
res = EndomorphicOperator.__call__(self, other)
if other.metric is not None:
from .sandwich_operator import SandwichOperator
sqrt_fac = np.sqrt(self._factor)
newop = ScalingOperator(other.metric.domain, sqrt_fac)
met = SandwichOperator.make(newop, other.metric)
res = res.add_metric(met)
return res
return EndomorphicOperator.__call__(self, other)
return res
def __repr__(self):
return "ScalingOperator ({})".format(self._factor)
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