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Commit bb498a3a authored by Jakob Roth's avatar Jakob Roth

small tweak of add_fluctuations_matern docstring

parent 4b2adbde
......@@ -593,12 +593,12 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
The matern kernel amplitude is parametrized in the following way:
.. math ::
A(|k|) = \\sqrt{V} \cdot \\frac{a}{\\left(1 + { \
A(|k|) = \\cdot \\frac{a}{\\left(1 + { \
\\left(\\frac{|k|}{b}\\right) \
with 'a' being the scale, 'b' the cutoff, 'c' half the slope of the
power law and 'V' the volume in position space.
with 'a' being the scale, 'b' the cutoff and 'c' half the slope of the
power law.
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