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remove unused attribute

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......@@ -107,17 +107,6 @@ class DiagonalOperator(EndomorphicOperator):
return self._diagonal.copy() if copy else self._diagonal
def inverse_diagonal(self):
""" Returns the inverse-diagonal of the operator.
out : Field
The inverse of the diagonal of the Operator.
return 1./self._diagonal
# ---Mandatory properties and methods---
......@@ -84,10 +84,3 @@ class DiagonalOperator_Tests(unittest.TestCase):
D = DiagonalOperator(diag, copy=copy)
diag_op = D.diagonal()
assert_allclose(diag.val, diag_op.val)
@expand(product(spaces, [True, False]))
def test_inverse(self, space, copy):
diag = Field.from_random('normal', domain=space)
D = DiagonalOperator(diag, copy=copy)
diag_op = D.inverse_diagonal()
assert_allclose(1./diag.val, diag_op.val)
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