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Cleanups in energy classes

See merge request ift/NIFTy!239
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......@@ -37,21 +37,23 @@ class NonlinearPowerEnergy(Energy):
It describes the energy of the logarithmic amplitudes of the power spectrum
of a Gaussian random field under reconstruction uncertainty with smoothness
and inverse gamma prior. It is used to infer the correlation structure of a
correlated signal.
correlated signal. The smoothness prior operates on logarithmic scale, i.e.
it prefers power-law-like power spectra.
position : Field
The current position of this energy.
m : Field
The map whose power spectrum has to be inferred
xi : Field
The excitation field.
D : EndomorphicOperator
The curvature of the Gaussian encoding the posterior covariance.
If not specified, the map is assumed to be no reconstruction.
default : None
sigma : float
The parameter of the smoothness prior.
default : ??? None? ???????
The parameter of the smoothness prior. Needs to be positive. A bigger
number means a stronger smoothness prior.
default : 0
samples : int
Number of samples used for the estimation of the uncertainty
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