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Small modifications to and test/

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......@@ -7,5 +7,7 @@ def custom_name_func(testcase_func, param_num, param):
parameterized.to_safe_name("_".join(str(x) for x in param.args)),
expand = lambda z: parameterized.expand(z,
def expand(*args, **kwargs):
return parameterized.expand(*args, testcase_func_name=custom_name_func,
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ import numpy as np
from numpy.testing import assert_,\
import itertools
from itertools import product
from nifty import Field,\
......@@ -24,7 +24,8 @@ SPACE_COMBINATIONS = [SPACES[0], SPACES[1], SPACES]
class Test_Interface(unittest.TestCase):
@expand([['dtype', np.dtype],
[['dtype', np.dtype],
['distribution_strategy', str],
['domain', tuple],
['field_type', tuple],
......@@ -34,11 +35,12 @@ class Test_Interface(unittest.TestCase):
['shape', tuple],
['total_volume', np.float]])
def test_return_types(self, attribute, desired_type):
x = RGSpace(shape=(4,))
['total_volume', np.float]]))
def test_return_types(self, domain, attribute_desired_type):
attribute = attribute_desired_type[0]
desired_type = attribute_desired_type[1]
ft = FieldArray(shape=(2,), dtype=np.complex)
f = Field(domain=x, field_type=ft)
f = Field(domain=domain, field_type=ft)
assert_(isinstance(getattr(f, attribute), desired_type))
#class Test_Initialization(unittest.TestCase):
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