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......@@ -67,19 +67,13 @@ class _DomRemover(LinearOperator):
return from_global_data(self._tgt(mode), res)
def _op2lambda(op):
remover = _DomRemover(op.domain).adjoint
op = SandwichOperator.make(remover, op)
return lambda x: op(from_global_data(op.domain, x)).to_global_data()
def operator_spectrum(A, k, hermitian, which='LM', tol=0):
Find k eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the endomorphism A.
A : EndomorphicOperator
A : LinearOperator
Operator of which eigenvalues shall be computed.
k : int
The number of eigenvalues and eigenvectors desired. `k` must be
......@@ -89,12 +83,19 @@ def operator_spectrum(A, k, hermitian, which='LM', tol=0):
Specifies whether A is hermitian or not.
which : str, ['LM' | 'SM' | 'LR' | 'SR' | 'LI' | 'SI'], optional
Which `k` eigenvectors and eigenvalues to find:
'LM' : largest magnitude
'SM' : smallest magnitude
'LR' : largest real part
'SR' : smallest real part
'LI' : largest imaginary part
'SI' : smallest imaginary part
tol : float, optional
Relative accuracy for eigenvalues (stopping criterion)
The default value of 0 implies machine precision.
......@@ -117,7 +118,10 @@ def operator_spectrum(A, k, hermitian, which='LM', tol=0):
if A.domain is not
raise TypeError('Operator needs to be endomorphism.')
size = A.domain.size
M = ssl.LinearOperator(shape=2*(size,), matvec=_op2lambda(A))
Ar = SandwichOperator.make(_DomRemover(A.domain).adjoint, A)
M = ssl.LinearOperator(
matvec=lambda x: Ar(from_global_data(Ar.domain, x)).to_global_data())
f = ssl.eigsh if hermitian else ssl.eigs
eigs = f(M, k=k, tol=tol, return_eigenvectors=False, which=which)
return np.flip(np.sort(eigs), axis=0)
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