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Better plotting in wiener_filter_easy

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......@@ -62,9 +62,12 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
D = ift.InversionEnabler(D, inverter)
m = D(j)
# Plotting
d_field = ift.Field(s_space, val=d.val)
zmax = max(ht(sh).max(), d_field.max(), ht(m).max())
zmin = min(ht(sh).min(), d_field.min(), ht(m).min())
plotdict = {"xlabel": "Pixel index", "ylabel": "Pixel index",
"colormap": "Planck-like"}
"colormap": "Planck-like", "zmax": zmax, "zmin": zmin}
ift.plot(ht(sh), name="mock_signal.png", **plotdict)
ift.plot(ift.Field(s_space, val=d.val),
name="data.png", **plotdict)
ift.plot(ht(m), name="map.png", **plotdict)
ift.plot(d_field, name="data.png", **plotdict)
ift.plot(ht(m), name="reconstruction.png", **plotdict)
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