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Merge branch 'tmp_fix' into 'NIFTy_6'

Tmp fix

See merge request !478
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......@@ -47,9 +47,9 @@ import numpy as np
dom = ift.UnstructuredDomain(5)
dtype = [np.float64, np.complex128][1]
invcov = ift.ScalingOperator(dom, 3)
e = ift.GaussianEnergy(mean=ift.from_random('normal', dom, dtype=dtype),
e = ift.GaussianEnergy(mean=ift.from_random(dom, 'normal', dtype=dtype),
pos = ift.from_random('normal', dom, dtype=np.complex128)
pos = ift.from_random(dom, 'normal', dtype=np.complex128)
lin = e(ift.Linearization.make_var(pos, want_metric=True))
met = lin.metric
......@@ -207,12 +207,13 @@ class Linearization(Operator):
return self.__mul__(other)
from .operators.outer_product_operator import OuterProduct
if other.jac is None:
return, other.domain)(other),
OuterProduct(self._jac(self._val), other.domain))
return, self._val)(other),
OuterProduct(other.domain, self._jac(self._val)))
tmp_op = OuterProduct(, self._val)
OuterProduct(self._val,, False))
OuterProduct(, self._jac(self._val))._myadd(
tmp_op(other._jac), False))
def vdot(self, other):
"""Computes the inner product of this Linearization with a Field or
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