Commit a965d4e8 authored by theos's avatar theos
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lm_space: Fixed the cast method.

-> Switched naming to _cast_d2o
-> Removed use of np functions for complexity check!
parent 504626ab
......@@ -288,15 +288,15 @@ class lm_space(point_space):
mol[self.paradict['lmax'] + 1:] = 2 # redundant: (l,m) and (l,-m)
return mol
def _cast_to_np(self, x, dtype=None, hermitianize=True, **kwargs):
casted_x = super(lm_space, self)._cast_to_np(x=x,
complexity_mask = np.iscomplex(casted_x[:self.paradict['lmax']+1])
if np.any(complexity_mask):
def _cast_to_d2o(self, x, dtype=None, **kwargs):
casted_x = super(lm_space, self)._cast_to_d2o(x=x,
complexity_mask = casted_x[:self.paradict['lmax']+1].iscomplex()
if complexity_mask.any():
about.warnings.cprint("WARNING: Taking the absolute values for " +
"all complex entries where lmax==0")
casted_x[complexity_mask] = np.abs(casted_x[complexity_mask])
casted_x[complexity_mask] = abs(casted_x[complexity_mask])
return casted_x
# TODO: Extend to binning/log
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