Commit a3d38810 authored by Gordian Edenhofer's avatar Gordian Edenhofer
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Remove redundant test_simple_without_asp_fluct

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......@@ -180,33 +180,3 @@ def test_complicated_vs_simple(seed, domain, without):
op0 = scf.amplitude
assert op0.domain is op1.domain
ift.extra.assert_allclose(op0.force(inp), op1.force(inp))
@pmp('seed', [42, 31])
@pmp('without', (('asperity', ), ('flexibility', ), ('flexibility', 'asperity')))
def test_simple_without_asp_fluct(seed, without):
with ift.random.Context(seed):
domain = ift.RGSpace((4, 4), (0.123, 0.4))
offset_mean = _rand()
offset_std = _posrand(), _posrand()
if "flexibility" in without:
flexibility = None
flexibility = _posrand(), _posrand()
if "asperity" in without:
asperity = None
asperity = _posrand(), _posrand()
fluctuations = _posrand(), _posrand()
loglogavgslope = _posrand(), _posrand()
prefix = 'foobar'
hspace = domain.get_default_codomain()
args = (domain, offset_mean, offset_std, fluctuations, flexibility,
asperity, loglogavgslope, prefix, hspace)
if asperity is not None and flexibility is None:
with pytest.raises(ValueError):
scf = ift.SimpleCorrelatedField(*args)
scf = ift.SimpleCorrelatedField(*args)
inp = ift.from_random(scf.domain)
ift.extra.check_operator(scf, inp, ntries=10)
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