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from descriptors import *
from plots import *
from figures import *
from plotting import plot, plot_image
import os
from PIL import Image
import plotly.offline as ply_offline
import plotly.plotly as ply
def plot(figure, filename=None, interactive=False):
if not filename:
filename = os.path.abspath('/tmp/temp-plot.html')
if interactive:
ply_offline.iplot(figure._to_plotly(), filename=filename)
except NameError:
ply_offline.plot(figure._to_plotly(), filename=filename)
raise Warning('IPython not active! Running without interactive mode.')
ply_offline.plot(figure._to_plotly(), filename=filename)
def plot_image(figure, filename=None, show=False):
if not filename:
filename = os.path.abspath('temp-plot.jpeg')
ply_obj = figure._to_plotly()
ply.image.save_as(ply_obj, filename=filename)
if show:
img =
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