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Now nonlinear CG does more exactly what is described in the cited reference....

Now nonlinear CG does more exactly what is described in the cited reference. Still does not do what we want though
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......@@ -40,7 +40,10 @@ class NonlinearCG(Minimizer):
2006, Springer-Verlag New York
def __init__(self, controller, line_searcher=LineSearchStrongWolfe()):
def __init__(self, controller, line_searcher=LineSearchStrongWolfe(c2=0.1), beta_heuristics = 'Polak-Ribiere'):
if (beta_heuristics != 'Polak-Ribiere') and (beta_heuristics != 'Polak-Ribiere'):
raise ValueError("beta heuristics must be either 'Polak-Ribiere' or 'Hestenes-Stiefel'")
self._beta_heuristic = beta_heuristics
self._controller = controller
self._line_searcher = line_searcher
......@@ -63,6 +66,8 @@ class NonlinearCG(Minimizer):
if status != controller.CONTINUE:
return energy, status
grad_new = energy.gradient
gnnew = energy.gradient_norm
beta = gnnew*gnnew/(grad_new-grad_old).vdot(p).real
if self._beta_heuristic == 'Hestenes-Stiefel':
beta = grad_new.vdot(grad_new-grad_old)/(grad_new-grad_old).vdot(p).real
beta = grad_new.vdot(grad_new-grad_old)/(grad_old.vdot(grad_old)).real
p = beta*p - grad_new
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