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Commit 98979b4c authored by Gordian Edenhofer's avatar Gordian Edenhofer Motivate scaling of Matern

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......@@ -222,7 +222,11 @@ class _AmplitudeMatern(Operator):
# to make the parametric model agnostic to changes in the volume of the
# position space
vol0, vol1 = [np.zeros(pow_spc.shape) for _ in range(2)]
# The zero-mode scales linearly with the volume in position space
vol0[0] = totvol
# The integral of the squared field in position spaces scales linearly
# with the volume. Thus, using Parseval's theorem, the squared modes in
# harmonic space need to scale linearly with the volume too.
vol1[1:] = totvol**0.5
vol0 = Adder(makeField(pow_spc, vol0))
vol1 = DiagonalOperator(makeField(pow_spc, vol1))
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