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more backtracking

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......@@ -216,7 +216,8 @@ class LineSearch(metaclass=NiftyMeta):
alpha1 = (alpha0+alpha1)/2
continue # next iteration
if np.isinf(phi_alpha1) or np.isnan(phi_alpha1): # also backtrack
if (np.isinf(phi_alpha1) or np.isnan(phi_alpha1)
or np.abs(phi_alpha1) > 1e100): # also backtrack
  • Minor stylistic nit-picking: np.abs(phi_alpha1) > 1e100) will always be true if np.isinf(phi_alpha1). Though stating both might be more explicit and readable...

  • Good point, thanks!

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alpha1 = (alpha0+alpha1)/2
continue # next iteration
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