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......@@ -12,17 +12,28 @@ np.random.seed(42)
class AdjointFFTResponse(LinearOperator):
def __init__(self, FFT, R, default_spaces=None):
super(ResponseOperator, self).__init__(default_spaces)
super(AdjointFFTResponse, self).__init__(default_spaces)
self._domain = =
self._target =
self.R = R
self.FFT = FFT
def _times(self, x):
def _times(self, x, spaces=None):
return self.R(self.FFT.adjoint_times(x))
def _adjoint_times(self, x):
def _adjoint_times(self, x, spaces=None):
return self.FFT(self.R.adjoint_times(x))
def domain(self):
return self._domain
def target(self):
return self._target
def unitary(self):
return False
......@@ -79,11 +90,11 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
# callback=distance_measure,
# max_history_length=3)
solution = energy.analytic_solution()
m0 = Field(s_space, val=1.)
energy = WienerFilterEnergy(position=m0, D=D, j=j)
m0 = Field(s_space, val=1.)
energy = WienerFilterEnergy(position=m0, R=R, N=N, S=S)
solution = energy.analytic_solution()
(energy, convergence) = minimizer(energy)
m = fft.adjoint_times(energy.position)
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ from config import dependency_injector,\
from d2o import distributed_data_object, d2o_librarian
from energies import *
from field import Field
......@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@ from nifty_utilities import *
from field_types import *
from energies import *
from minimization import *
from spaces import *
......@@ -19,4 +19,4 @@
from energy import Energy
from line_energy import LineEnergy
from memoization import memo
from wiener_filter_energy import WienerFilterEnergy
\ No newline at end of file
from wiener_filter_energy import WienerFilterEnergy
from .energy import Energy
from nifty.operators import WienerFilterCurvature
from nifty.operators.curvature_operators import WienerFilterCurvature
class WienerFilterEnergy(Energy):
"""The Energy for the Wiener filter.
......@@ -40,4 +40,4 @@ from composed_operator import ComposedOperator
from response_operator import ResponseOperator
from curvature_operators import WienerFilterCurvature
from curvature_operators import *
from wiener_filter_curvature import WienerFilterCurvature
\ No newline at end of file
from wiener_filter_curvature import WienerFilterCurvature
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