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small tweaks

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......@@ -214,14 +214,14 @@ class Field(object):
"""Field : The real part of the field"""
if not np.issubdtype(self.dtype, np.complexfloating):
return self
return Field(self._domain, self.val.real)
return Field(self._domain, self._val.real)
def imag(self):
"""Field : The imaginary part of the field"""
if not np.issubdtype(self.dtype, np.complexfloating):
raise ValueError(".imag called on a non-complex Field")
return Field(self._domain, self.val.imag)
return Field(self._domain, self._val.imag)
def scalar_weight(self, spaces=None):
"""Returns the uniform volume element for a sub-domain of `self`.
......@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ class Field(object):
spaces = utilities.parse_spaces(spaces, ndom)
if len(spaces) == ndom:
return dobj.vdot(self.val, x.val)
return dobj.vdot(self._val, x._val)
# If we arrive here, we have to do a partial dot product.
# For the moment, do this the explicit, non-optimized way
return (self.conjugate()*x).sum(spaces=spaces)
......@@ -377,7 +377,7 @@ class Field(object):
The complex conjugated field.
return Field(self._domain, self.val.conjugate())
return Field(self._domain, self._val.conjugate())
# ---General unary/contraction methods---
......@@ -385,14 +385,14 @@ class Field(object):
return self
def __neg__(self):
return Field(self._domain, -self.val)
return Field(self._domain, -self._val)
def __abs__(self):
return Field(self._domain, abs(self.val))
return Field(self._domain, abs(self._val))
def _contraction_helper(self, op, spaces):
if spaces is None:
return getattr(self.val, op)()
return getattr(self._val, op)()
spaces = utilities.parse_spaces(spaces, len(self._domain))
......@@ -402,7 +402,7 @@ class Field(object):
axes_list = reduce(lambda x, y: x+y, axes_list)
# perform the contraction on the data
data = getattr(self.val, op)(axis=axes_list)
data = getattr(self._val, op)(axis=axes_list)
# check if the result is scalar or if a result_field must be constr.
if np.isscalar(data):
......@@ -593,7 +593,7 @@ class Field(object):
def __str__(self):
return "nifty5.Field instance\n- domain = " + \
self._domain.__str__() + \
"\n- val = " + repr(self.val)
"\n- val = " + repr(self._val)
def isEquivalentTo(self, other):
"""Determines (as quickly as possible) whether `self`'s content is
......@@ -626,12 +626,12 @@ for op in ["__add__", "__radd__",
if isinstance(other, Field):
if other._domain is not self._domain:
raise ValueError("domains are incompatible.")
tval = getattr(self.val, op)(other.val)
tval = getattr(self._val, op)(other._val)
return Field(self._domain, tval)
if (np.isscalar(other) or
isinstance(other, (dobj.data_object, np.ndarray))):
tval = getattr(self.val, op)(other)
tval = getattr(self._val, op)(other)
return Field(self._domain, tval)
raise TypeError("should not arrive here")
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