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......@@ -56,16 +56,16 @@ a variable number of MPI tasks. In this situation, whenever random numbers
need to be drawn for these samples:
- each MPI task should spawn as many seed sequences as there are samples
*in total*, using `sseq = spawn_sseq(N)`
*in total*, using ``sseq = spawn_sseq(N)``
- each task loops over the local samples
- first pushing the seed sequence for the **global** index of the
current sample via `push_sseq(sseq[iglob])`
current sample via ``push_sseq(sseq[iglob])```
- drawing the required random numbers
- then popping the seed sequence again via :func:`pop_sseq()`
- then popping the seed sequence again via ``pop_sseq()``
That way, random numbers should be reproducible and independent of the number
of MPI tasks.
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