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Merge branch 'mpi_equality' into 'NIFTy_8'

Simplify MPI equality check

See merge request !664
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......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
import collections
from functools import reduce
from itertools import product
import pickle
import numpy as np
......@@ -444,51 +445,14 @@ def check_MPI_equality(obj, comm):
comm : MPI communicator or None
If comm is None, no check will be performed
# Special cases
if comm is None:
elif isinstance(obj, list):
_check_MPI_equality_lists(obj, comm)
elif isinstance(obj, np.random.SeedSequence):
_check_MPI_equality_sseq(obj, comm)
# /Special cases
if not _MPI_unique(obj, comm):
raise RuntimeError("MPI tasks are not in sync")
def _check_MPI_equality_lists(lst, comm):
if not isinstance(lst, list):
raise TypeError
if not _MPI_unique(len(lst), comm):
raise RuntimeError("MPI tasks are not in sync (lists have different lengths)")
is_sseq = comm.allgather(lst[0])
if is_sseq[0]:
if not all(is_sseq):
raise RuntimeError("First element in list is np.random.SeedSequence. The others (partly) not.")
for oo in lst:
check_MPI_equality(oo, comm)
for ii in range(len(lst)):
if not _MPI_unique(lst[ii], comm):
raise RuntimeError(f"MPI tasks are not in sync (list element #{ii} does not match)")
if not _MPI_unique(obj, comm):
raise RuntimeError("MPI tasks are not in sync")
def _MPI_unique(obj, comm):
return len(set(comm.allgather(obj))) == 1
def _check_MPI_equality_sseq(sseq, comm):
from .random import Context, spawn_sseq, current_rng
if not isinstance(sseq, np.random.SeedSequence):
raise TypeError
with Context(spawn_sseq(1, parent=sseq)[0]):
random_number = current_rng().normal(10., 1.2, (1,))[0]
gath = comm.allgather(random_number)
if gath[1:] != gath[:-1]:
raise RuntimeError("SeedSequences are not equal")
return len(set(comm.allgather(pickle.dumps(obj)))) == 1
def check_MPI_synced_random_state(comm):
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