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add loc and scale

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......@@ -163,16 +163,25 @@ class LaplaceOperator(Operator):
Transforms a Gaussian with uni covariance and zero mean to a Laplace distribution
via a uniform distribution.
# VE TODO implement sigma
domain : Domain, tuple of Domain or DomainTuple
The domain on which the field shall be defined. This is at the same
time the domain and the target of the operator.
loc : float
scale : float
def __init__(self, domain):
def __init__(self, domain, loc=0, scale=1):
self._target = self._domain = DomainTuple.make(domain)
self._loc = float(loc)
self._scale = float(scale)
def apply(self, x):
lin = x.jac is not None
xval = x.val.val if lin else x.val
res = Field(self._target, laplace._ppf(norm._cdf(xval)))
res = Field(self._target, laplace.ppf(norm._cdf(xval), self._loc, self._scale))
if not lin:
return res
jac = makeOp(Field(self.domain, self._jac_func(norm._cdf(xval))*norm._pdf(xval)))
......@@ -183,5 +192,5 @@ class LaplaceOperator(Operator):
return Field(x.domain, res)
def _jac_func(self, x):
res = np.where(x > 0.5, (1/(1-x)), (1/x))
res = self._scale*np.where(x > 0.5, (1/(1-x)), (1/x))
return res
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