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Fixed bug in _spec_to_rescaler and added stochastic tests for power_analyze/power_synthesize

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...@@ -672,8 +672,11 @@ class Field(Loggable, Versionable, object): ...@@ -672,8 +672,11 @@ class Field(Loggable, Versionable, object):
# Do this for every 'pindex-slice' in parallel using the 'slice(None)'s # Do this for every 'pindex-slice' in parallel using the 'slice(None)'s
local_pindex = pindex.get_local_data(copy=False) local_pindex = pindex.get_local_data(copy=False)
local_blow_up = [slice(None)]*len(self.shape) local_blow_up = [slice(None)]*len(spec.shape)
local_blow_up[self.domain_axes[power_space_index][0]] = local_pindex # it is important to count from behind, since spec potentially grows
# with every iteration
index = self.domain_axes[power_space_index][0]-len(self.shape)
local_blow_up[index] = local_pindex
# here, the power_spectrum is distributed into the new shape # here, the power_spectrum is distributed into the new shape
local_rescaler = spec[local_blow_up] local_rescaler = spec[local_blow_up]
return local_rescaler return local_rescaler
...@@ -20,12 +20,15 @@ import unittest ...@@ -20,12 +20,15 @@ import unittest
import numpy as np import numpy as np
from numpy.testing import assert_,\ from numpy.testing import assert_,\
assert_almost_equal assert_almost_equal,\
from itertools import product from itertools import product
from nifty import Field,\ from nifty import Field,\
RGSpace RGSpace,\
from d2o import distributed_data_object from d2o import distributed_data_object
...@@ -80,3 +83,39 @@ class Test_Functionality(unittest.TestCase): ...@@ -80,3 +83,39 @@ class Test_Functionality(unittest.TestCase):
assert_almost_equal(a1.get_full_data(), a2.get_full_data()) assert_almost_equal(a1.get_full_data(), a2.get_full_data())
assert_almost_equal(h1.get_full_data(), h3.get_full_data()) assert_almost_equal(h1.get_full_data(), h3.get_full_data())
assert_almost_equal(a1.get_full_data(), a3.get_full_data()) assert_almost_equal(a1.get_full_data(), a3.get_full_data())
@expand(product([RGSpace((8,), harmonic=True,
RGSpace((8, 8), harmonic=True, distances=0.123,
[RGSpace((8,), harmonic=True,
def test_power_synthesize_analyze(self, space1, space2):
p1 = PowerSpace(space1)
spec1 = lambda k: 42/(1+k)**2
fp1 = Field(p1, val=spec1)
p2 = PowerSpace(space2)
spec2 = lambda k: 42/(1+k)**3
fp2 = Field(p2, val=spec2)
outer = np.outer(fp1.val.get_full_data(), fp2.val.get_full_data())
fp = Field((p1, p2), val=outer)
samples = 1000
ps1 = 0.
ps2 = 0.
for ii in xrange(samples):
sk = fp.power_synthesize(spaces=(0, 1), real_signal=True)
sp = sk.power_analyze(spaces=(0, 1), keep_phase_information=False)
ps1 += sp.sum(spaces=1)/fp2.sum()
ps2 += sp.sum(spaces=0)/fp1.sum()
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