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Changes since NIFTy 5:
Updates regarding correlated fields
The most commonly used model for homogeneous and isotropic correlated fields in
nifty5 has been `SLAmplitude` combined with `CorrelatedField`. This model
exhibits unintuitive couplings between its parameters and as been replaced
by `CorrelatedFieldMaker` in NIFTy 6. This model aims to conceptionally provide
the same functionality. However, internally it works quite differently. Therefore,
specific classes for `SLAmplitude` like `LogRGSpace`, `QHTOperator`, `ExpTransform`,
`SlopeOperator`, `SymmetrizingOperator`, `CepstrumOperator`, `CorrelatedField`
and `MfCorrelatedField` are not needed anymore and have been removed. In general,
`CorrelatedFieldMaker` feels to be better conditioned leading to faster convergence
but it is hard to make explicit tests since the two approaches cannot be mapped
onto each other exactly. We experienced that preconditioning in the `MetricGaussianKL`
via `napprox` breaks the inference scheme with the new model so `napprox` may not
be used here.
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