Commit 8216da7a authored by Marco Selig's avatar Marco Selig
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multiple keyword argument fix in field.power and field.plot.

parent 4098940c
......@@ -2395,7 +2395,6 @@ class rg_space(space):
(default: 0).
if(size is None)or(callable(spec)):
## explicit kindex
kindex = kwargs.get("kindex",None)
......@@ -6635,8 +6634,6 @@ class field(object):
rho : scalar
Number of degrees of freedom per irreducible band
codomain :, *optional*
A compatible codomain for power indexing (default: None).
log : bool, *optional*
Flag specifying if the spectral binning is performed on logarithmic
scale or not; if set, the number of used bins is set
......@@ -6661,6 +6658,8 @@ class field(object):
Returns the power spectrum.
if("codomain" in kwargs):
return self.domain.calc_power(self.val,,**kwargs)
......@@ -6756,6 +6755,8 @@ class field(object):
if(not interactive):
if("codomain" in kwargs):
if(not interactive):
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