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Add assert_equal() and cleanup

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......@@ -37,6 +37,13 @@ def assert_allclose(f1, f2, atol, rtol):
assert_allclose(val, f2[key], atol=atol, rtol=rtol)
def assert_equal(f1, f2):
if isinstance(f1, Field):
return np.testing.assert_equal(f1.val, f2.val)
for key, val in f1.items():
assert_equal(val, f2[key])
def _adjoint_implementation(op, domain_dtype, target_dtype, atol, rtol,
needed_cap = op.TIMES | op.ADJOINT_TIMES
......@@ -249,7 +256,7 @@ def _linearization_value_consistency(op, loc):
def check_jacobian_consistency(op, loc, tol=1e-8, ntries=100, perf_check=True,
Checks the Jacobian of an operator against its finite difference
......@@ -270,14 +270,13 @@ class GaussianEnergy(EnergyOperator):
if sampling_dtype != _field_to_dtype(self._mean):
raise ValueError("Sampling dtype and mean not compatible")
self._icov = inverse_covariance
if inverse_covariance is None:
self._op = Squared2NormOperator(self._domain).scale(0.5)
self._met = ScalingOperator(self._domain, 1)
self._trivial_invcov = True
self._op = QuadraticFormOperator(inverse_covariance)
self._met = inverse_covariance
self._trivial_invcov = False
if sampling_dtype is not None:
self._met = SamplingDtypeSetter(self._met, sampling_dtype)
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