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Input of exptransform commentary

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......@@ -31,6 +31,24 @@ from ..utilities import infer_space, special_add_at
class ExpTransform(LinearOperator):
Transforms log-space to target.
This operator creates a log-space subject to the degrees of freedom and
and its target-domain.
Then transforms between this log-space and its target, which lives in
normal units.
E.g: A field in log-log-space can be transformed into log-norm-space,
that is the y-axis stays logarithmic, but the x-axis is transfromed.
target : domain, tuple of domains or DomainTuple
The full output domain
dof : int
The degrees of freedom of the log-domain, i.e. the number of bins.
def __init__(self, target, dof, space=0):
self._target = DomainTuple.make(target)
self._space = infer_space(self._target, space)
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