Commit 7ef975ca authored by Vincent Eberle's avatar Vincent Eberle Committed by Philipp Arras
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assert awake

parent eb93313b
......@@ -34,16 +34,21 @@ class FFTInterpolator(LinearOperator):
nthreads :
#FIXME Documentation from Philipp
#FIXME Documentation from Philipp ? PBCs? / Torus?
#FIXME Raise Error instead of assert
#FIXME even number of samples
#FIXME np.fft.fftshift instead of roller
def __init__(self, domain, pos, eps=2e-10, nthreads=1):
self._domain = makeDomain(domain)
assert isinstance(pos, np.ndarray)
assert pos.ndim == 2
assert pos.shape[0] == 2
if not isinstance(pos, np.ndarray):
raise TypeError("sampling_points need to be a numpy.ndarray")
if pos.ndim != 2:
raise ValueError("sampling_points must be a 2D array")
if pos.shape[0] != 2:
raise ValueError("first dimension of sampling_points must have length 2")
#FIXME @ Philipp, like that?
# if pos.shape[1] %2 != 0:
# raise ValueError("even number of samples is required for gridding operation")
dist = [list(dom.distances) for dom in self.domain]
dist = np.array(dist).reshape(-1,1)
pos = pos / dist
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