Commit 7ee5c8f1 authored by Philipp Arras's avatar Philipp Arras
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parent d776a9a8
......@@ -74,9 +74,9 @@ def _make_dynamic_operator(domain,
harmonic_padding = list((harmonic_padding,)*len(
elif len(harmonic_padding) != len(
raise (ValueError, "Shape mismatch!")
shp = ()
for i in range(len(
shp += ([i] + harmonic_padding[i],)
shp = [
sh + harmonic_padding[ii] for ii, sh in enumerate(
CentralPadd = FieldZeroPadder(, shp, central=True)
ops['central_padding'] = CentralPadd
sdom =[0].get_default_codomain()
......@@ -213,11 +213,11 @@ def dynamic_lightcone_operator(domain,
sm_x0 : float, List of float
Scaling of dynamic smoothness along each axis.
key : String
key for dynamics encoding parameter.
Key for dynamics encoding parameter.
lightcone_key: String
key for lightspeed paramteter.
Key for lightspeed paramteter.
sigc : float, List of float
variance of lightspeed parameter.
Variance of lightspeed parameter.
quant : float
Quantization of the light cone in pixels.
causal : boolean
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