Commit 7c080058 authored by Lukas Platz's avatar Lukas Platz
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add test cases

parent 9a0e7300
......@@ -20,6 +20,11 @@ import numpy as np
import nifty6 as ift
from .common import setup_function, teardown_function
nr = 0
def name():
global nr
nr += 1
return 'plot{}.png'.format(nr)
def test_plots():
# FIXME Write to temporary folder?
......@@ -40,14 +45,14 @@ def test_plots():
plot = ift.Plot()
plot.add(field_rg1_1, title='Single plot')
plot = ift.Plot()
plot.add(field_rg2, title='2d rg')
plot.add([field_rg1_1, field_rg1_2], title='list 1d rg', label=['1', '2'])
plot.add(field_rg1_2, title='1d rg, xmin, ymin', xmin=0.5, ymin=0.,
xlabel='xmin=0.5', ylabel='ymin=0')
plot.output(title='Three plots', name='plot2.png')
plot.output(title='Three plots', name=name())
plot = ift.Plot()
plot.add(field_hp, title='HP planck-color', colormap='Planck-like')
......@@ -55,4 +60,20 @@ def test_plots():
plot.add(field_gl, title='GL')
plot.add(field_rg2, title='2d rg')
plot.output(nx=2, ny=3, title='Five plots', name='plot3.png')
plot.output(nx=2, ny=3, title='Five plots', name=name())
def test_mf_plot():
x_space = ift.RGSpace((16, 16))
f_space = ift.RGSpace(4)
d1 = ift.DomainTuple.make([x_space, f_space])
d2 = ift.DomainTuple.make([f_space, x_space])
f1 = ift.from_random('normal', d1)
f2 = ift.makeField(d2, np.moveaxis(f1.val, -1, 0))
plot = ift.Plot()
plot.add(f1, block=False, title='f_space_idx = 1')
plot.add(f2, freq_space_idx=0, title='f_space_idx = 0')
plot.output(nx=2, ny=1, title='MF-Plots, should look identical', name=name())
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